There Are Several Ways You Can Help Raise Awareness For Narcissistic Abuse


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Why is narcissistic abuse awareness needed?

This form of abuse can be invisible. Friends and family of both the victim and abusers rarely understand, and because of the lack of awareness, they can unknowing re-traumatize the victims. By the time the victim understands something is wrong, they are addicted to the abuse and reach to their abuser for support. 

Imagine with me for a second... Imagine knowing something is really wrong but everyone you talk to thinks you are overreacting or just need to simply leave? You question your own gut feelings and your perception of reality. You desperately want the pain to stop. Your physical, mental and spiritual health is suffering and you don't understand why you continue to stay. Family and friends become distant, unsupportive, even angry and you feel lonely. You may even rely on your abuser for financial support by this time and answers they will never give... so the abuse continues. When you try to break free, your abuser is supported by the courts, therapist and sometimes even your own lawyer (my story). Your children are now alone with this monster and there is nothing you can do. They are being psychologically abuse, reprogrammed and start turning against you.

Your support and awareness of narcissistic abuse is GREATLY needed.

I am a survivor currently on my healing journey. I was abused by a covert narcissist (Charming to others, abuser at home). He was a master manipulator and I was played like a puppet. The abuse was right in front of my face and I couldn't see it and if I had not gone through this myself, it would be really hard to believe, and that's why awareness is so very important. The day I learned about narc abuse was the day my whole life made sense.

I want to bring awareness to the world, help protect our kids (I can tell you some really heartbreaking stories) and educate friends and family so they can properly support victims and survivors.