Do Narcissists Miss You

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Narcissists miss their partners BUTTTTTT, it’s not what you think.

People with NPD think very differently than you or me. So, they don’t miss you the way you miss them. Relationships are about securing supply, relationships are all about “what do I get” from him/her.

It’s not heart-centered love. Narcissists are unable to create, sustain, or regulate their own feelings of self-worth, so their mission in life is to always find people that will do this for them.

They don’t miss YOU, they miss everything they got out of the relationship with you and how you validated their fake persona.

Instead of I miss how good of a person they were, it’s I miss how good of the person was to me and how no matter what I did they kept giving me more.

Instead of I miss how big of a heart she had, it’s I miss how she forgave me no matter how much I lied, cheated, or abused her. This made me feel powerful and important like I was worth so much more than her well-being.

Instead of, she was so beautiful, it’s I miss how her beauty made me look good to others. They thought I was the man when they saw her.

They have an inflated sense of self-importance and people are objects to serve them, and relationships are sources of supply to serve them.

If they don’t believe they will ever get supply from you, they wouldn’t think about you at all.

It hurts, I know. But also knowing the truth rather than being fed their lies can help you move forward.

Photo by Thomas Kinto

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