Do narcissists only prey on loving people?

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I’ve seen many videos that say a true narcissist will prey on people that are loving, strong, giving and just amazing individuals. Is this true?

Yes and no. Yes, generally the people narcissists target have those characteristics, but there are two reasons why this is not entirely true. 

One, a narcissist can target weaker narcissists and exploit them as well and two, just because someone is loving, strong, giving and amazing does not mean they will become a victim. While they will look for  these characteristics, they must also be able to benefit from someone in one way or another, otherwise it’s a waste of their time. So, in addition, they are also looking for people who are codependent, people with toxic attachment styles, people pleasers, trust easily, often forgive and those with weak or no boundaries. These are the types that will keep giving, giving, giving, so the narcissist can take, take, take.

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