What to say when you catch them red-handed?

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As we start to understand the narcissist’s acts and manipulation techniques, I would like to know what exactly they feel when catching them red-handed and saying “don’t try to make me a fool, I know you are lying”?

I highly discourage calling a narcissist out.

First, it doesn’t change them. This is a personality disorder, so your knowledge will not change them. Some narcissists will discard you right there and there (or start to find a new supply source), and others will up their game, tactics, and controlling behaviors. In other words, they become better narcissists.

When we finally start to understand what we have been dealing with, it’s liberating and we want to either fix it, reclaim our name, or call them out. But, this is not likely to happen, not by calling out that exact problem. I’ve seen it over and over again and it’s really heartbreaking and can honestly be re-traumatizing.

And third, we are not fully stepping into our power at the beginning of our healing and understanding, and the narcissist knows this. They can use the knowledge you thought you gained against you and weaken the healing tools you are learning about. This can keep people trapped much longer. Narcissists are usually steps ahead of you, they have been doing this their whole life and they know how people operate. They study human behavior which is why they are so good at manipulation. With the knowledge, you can start being steps ahead of them. This is especially helpful if you are leaving or have children with them. Preparation is going to be key!

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