What’s the best way to tell a narcissist you are leaving?

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What is the best way to tell a narcissist you are leaving for good? I’ve tried to tell him in the past, but he would blow up and scream at me, telling me that nobody else is going to love me like he does. How do we keep them calm?

My advice would be to leave when he is not around and NOT tell him you are leaving. In a normal relationship it would be proper to tell the other person things are not working out and you are leaving. But, this is not a normal relationship. You can not have an adult conversation with a narcissist and it’s a bad move to tell an abusive person you are leaving.

Don’t do it. Don’t let the narcissist even think you are leaving.

Plan your exit strategy because this will be vital. Take what you need and get out, don’t stick around packing all day hoping they won’t come home early. Have friends or family help you if possible. Stay ahead of the narcissist and plan for what they might do. They can go into a rage and start sending you abusive messages, they can love bomb you to pull you back in, they might go visit your friends, family or colleagues. They can even stalk you. So, be prepared and have plans. Don’t underestimate them. Also, you can contact a local domestic violence center, and they can help you with an exit strategy. It’s good to have someone who understands you situation helping you exit as safe as possible. They can also help with temporary housing, basic needs, employment, and lawyers.

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