Why do they have dull dead eyes?

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Why do so many of them seem to have dull dead eyes?

Many people believe the eyes are the window to the soul. Narcissist are not conscious, able to “feel” empathy for others feelings or what they are going through, and they have no connection to a true self. What you see in public or at the beginning is their false self, they play a role and they are really good at it. Dull dead eyes would make sense if you believe the eyes are the window to the soul. 

Some claim during the beginning of the relationship and love bombing phases, they didn’t notice anything odd with their eyes until the physical and mental abuse started. Then the blank stares, dead eyes and odd behavior stood out during their devaluing and rages. Scary. Some notice something off or odd about their eyes early on.

What was your experience with the narcissist eyes?

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  • I’ve been a severe victim of 11 years of NPD
    I’m lost for words
    But I’m recognizing all the signs now that I’ve loved myself enough to leave one day . And I’m healing slowly
    My sociopath uncle first recognized it . I’ve been through the whole thing of what you have written here I’ve experienced it all. . He first met me at 17 years old . Then he seemed to disappear for a bit . And all of a sudden piped out of no where’s living across the street from me . After 4 months of seeing him . I knew something was wrong I wanted to break it off with him . But something made me almost pitty him

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