Will Abusive Narcissists Be Punished?

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My ex-husband is a narcissistic, abusive and cruel man. He did the unthinkable and nobody will ever believe me. Will he ever be punished for his actions against me?

The narcissists’ bad behavior usually catches up with them at one point or another, but some narcissists seem to always get their way no matter how much pain they cause others.

Some believe karma will catch up with them, some believe they will pay when they meet their maker, and others believe the emptiness to never have deep connections and never experiences true joy and happiness are punishment in itself.

Narcissists cause so much destruction and most of the time are not held accountable for it. Mental health has not been taken seriously as it should be, but there is some progress and in many locations, you are able to take them to court for their emotional and psychological abuse.

It’s hard for many in the early stages of their healing to think past making it through each day, but two things a narcissist does not want you to do is heal or live a better life. This is a hit to their ego and takes away their power over you. Trust me, they know if you are still hurting even if they are not in contact.

Update: ‘Jennifer’s Law’ proposed to make coercive control included in the description of domestic violence. Coercive control includes psychological abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and legal abuse. Jennifer was murdered by her ex-husband after a 2-year high-conflict divorce proceedings.


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