May 28

Mahalia “Letter To Ur N(ex)t” Lyric Interpretation

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Let me introduce myself properly
Though it’s clear
You already heard about me
When he told you ’bout the breakup
Did he blame me? Huh
Did he tell you I was crazy?

Warning the next usually doesn’t go as planned. You may have had friends or family that told you this relationship wasn’t good for you but you couldn’t or didn’t want to see that first. This person is in the same place and most likely is not going to listen to the “crazy” ex.

They are in the love-bombing stage and thinking about future plans. They just found their soul mate, an amazing person that seems to have been mistreated by YOU, their ex. At least that’s what the narcissist is telling them. 

But did he tell you all the times that he broke my heart
And broke my mind?
No, I bet he didn’t
I bet he told you that he isn’t a bad guy

You were the cause of all the relationship problems and they have plenty of stories to tell… mostly about your crazy reactions to their emotional and psychological abuse without mentioning they were mentally and psychologically abusive, of course. Once they hear of you talking to the new target, the narcissist will be sure to tell them how bad you want them back and that you are just trying to break up their love, hoping they will go into protective mode and stop talking to you.

Now, truth is
He never started out like that
He was kind and attentive, and just my man
Then one day, he said he’d be right back
And then he never came back around

And he never told me why
Never gave an explanation
Not a text, not a “goodbye”
Not a “sorry”, not a “love you”
Not anything
So respectfully
I don’t owe you anything but

Woman to woman
You gotta run, baby
Just like I wouldn’t
You gotta go, baby
Just like I couldn’t
Before you’re caught in this drama, drama, drama, drama

I don’t wanna sound like a bitch
No, I don’t wanna
But if you carry on like this
You gon’ get your karma
Take it from a girl
Who’s already been through the trauma

So I’ll stop with the textin’, callin’, showin’ up
I think you know what he’s doin’
And that ain’t showin’ love
So stop now, baby
Don’t let him make you crazy like me
You still got enough time to leave, yeah

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