7 Reasons New Netflix Series “MAID” Is A Must Watch

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Netflix’s series MAID captures a young mother who struggles to gain control over her life after leaving an abusive partner and protect her little girl from an alcoholic and emotionally abusive father. It’s a struggle so many of us have been through and this series captures the realities so beautifully.

** TRIGGER WARNING: This series can be triggering

6 Reasons You Should Watch MAID On Netflix

  1. “It’s literally like watching my life story.” The series is inspired by a true story relatable to so many women with a cast bringing it to life in the most realistic, vulnerable, and heartfelt way.

  2. “But he didn’t hit me”  MAID demonstrates how emotional abuse looks, feels, and can affect you. Most people believe abuse is only physical, but emotional abuse is just as dangerous. Many who have been through both physical and emotional forms of abuse will say the emotional was the worst to overcome.

    Education is important! Many do not identify as abuse victims if they have not been physically abused, even though it’s clear that their mental, spiritual and physical health are declining.

    They can be plagued with physical signs they are in trouble, such as hair loss, menstrual issues and heavy periods, racing mind, anxiety and panic attacks, thyroid imbalances, headaches, migraines, adrenal dysfunction, digestive issues, depression, complex PTSD, and many more.

    These signs of emotional abuse can be experienced during the relationship or even years after.

  3. Not all abusers are like the obvious bullies we see in movies. In fact, some that do the most damage are those that are well-liked, charming, and charismatic. Their toxic behaviors and abuse are only experienced by few people, often intimate partners, family and selected targets. People only see the charm and are often convinced that the victim is the “problem.”

  4. The financial struggles you face when leaving an abusive and controlling partner are expressed in MAID. Financial dependency is common in these toxic relationships and it can feel overwhelming just trying to get your basic needs met. If you have a child and no support system, the struggle is multiplied.

  5. The family court realities that many protective parents face can be brutal and heartbreaking. This broken system is not designed to protect children or partners from abuse in custody cases. It’s incredibly easy for an abuser to use this system to gain custody and continue abusing their partner.

  6. Alex’s family dysfunctions conditioned her for toxic relationships which many of us can relate to. We often recreate how we view our parents and their relationships in our adult relationships with intimate partners.

  7. Alex’s resilience is amazing and needed to survive and push forward after leaving an abuser. Without it, the challenges can be crippling. It often gets worst before it gets better. She has moments of falling apart, but quickly picks herself up and attempts to solve her problems.

If you have not watched MAID, check it out on Netflix. Keep in mind it can be triggering.

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What are the warning signs you are being emotionally and physiologically abused?

Someone who has experienced long-term emotional abuse perpetrated by someone can be suffering from Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.

People can spend years walking around in darkness, not knowing what they are going through even if they see a therapist because most therapists do not have training around this topic. This can feel very isolated and lonely and push people to think they are going crazy.

Let’s learn some of the warning signs of emotional and psychological abuse.

1. Identity Erosion

Identity erosion is just one of the symptoms of emotional abuse.

You might be looking in the mirror and you don’t even recognize the person looking back at you. 

It would be hard for you to answer the question, “Who am I?” 

You can feel disconnected and much different from the person you were before the relationship or the beginning of it. 

You can be conditioned by the abuser to stop doing things you love, to focus all of your time on them, and even change your personality to fit their desires.

You are distant from the people, places, and things you once loved.

Identify erosion worsens over time.

Learn More Signs Of Emotional Abuse

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